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Only 4 players required per team!


How do you train your players not to choke in pivotal game situations? Studies show that the key to having better success during games is to simulate game-like situations. But scrimmaging other teams can be difficult – finding the teams, time, open fields, and umpires (even the weather can be challenging!). The Strike Zone and our HitTrax system can help you overcome all of these obstacles!

On January 11, 2019, The Strike Zone will begin its First Utah Local Hitting League! Teams will compete in twelve 6-inning games with a double elimination tournament at the end of the season. HitTrax will call outs, hits, and keep track of all the runs.

BOTTOM LINE: The kids will have a ton of fun using our HitTrax System and they will be in game-pressure situations every game!


There will be FIVE baseball leagues:

  • Single A (Machine Pitch Speed 45 mph/13 and under)
  • Double AA (Machine Pitch Speed 50 mph/13 and under)
  • Triple AAA (Machine Pitch Speed 55 mph/13 and under)
  • JV (Machine Pitch Speed 65 mph/13 and up)
  • Varsity (Machine Pitch Speed 70 mph/13 and up)

There will be THREE fast-pitch softball leagues:

  • Triple AAA (Machine Pitch Speed 35 mph)
  • JV (Machine Pitch Speed 40 mph)
  • Varsity (Machine Pitch Speed 45 mph)

There will be ONE slow-pitch softball league (teams will pitch to themselves):

  • Even though women and men have different defenses and field sizes, the HitTrax System makes automatic adjustments so they can play on the same team!

League placement will be determined by total runs scored – score the most runs and you will be in first place! Tie breaker will be determined by Quality Hit Scores (HitTrax determines a point value to your hits by exit velocity, distance, and result). How you finish in the league will determine your seed in the tournament.


  • The HitTrax defense will be chosen by the age of the athlete not by the age of your team. For example, you can have an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old on the same team. The 8-year-old will face an 8u defense with an 8u sized field when he/she bats while the 12-year-old will face a 12u defense with a 12u sized field. Defense age will be decided by the athlete’s age on April 15.
  • Each batter will have four pitches to put the ball in play. If the player cannot put the ball in play, an out will be recorded.
  • Each game is six innings or 15 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • HitTrax will call outs, singles, doubles etc. and keep score.
  • Teams can play on any of the MLB fields they want! (PS Houston and New York have the shortest fences!).


  • Registration cut off is January 8th. League starts January 11th.
  • You will have four weeks to complete your games.
  • You schedule your game times! Games will be played on Fridays and Saturdays. If those days don’t work, we can be flexible! Once you sign up, Pablo will help your team get scheduled!
  • There will be 12 games including a double-elimination tournament after the season ends.
  • You will play three 15-minute games each session, which gives you a 15-minute warm up.
  • Roster minimum is 4 players, maximum of 12 players, Game lineup minimum will be three players.
  • We are limiting each league to 10 teams!! Don’t be left out!!
  • Select your pitch speed/division carefully. You will not be able to change divisions once the registration deadline has passed. Pitch speed will not be adjusted once the season begins unless it’s decided that it’s in the best interest of the league.
  • Since this is our first time running this league we are dropping the price from $180 to $165! Questions? Give Pablo a call or text at 801-360-8695!

When filling out the form below please put your division choice and your team name in the notes to business section!!
Please have your team players fill out a release form here.