Camps for Ages 4-6 year olds


Camps start on the first week of each month!

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The Strike Zone’s Jr. Giants Baseball Camps purpose is to develop a good foundation, sportsmanship, love of the game and create an environment that will lead them to want to continue playing baseball.

We will focus on these areas:
Receiving Throws & Throwing
Receiving Throws on Base
Defensive Positioning
Defensive Responsibilities

Our hour long baseball camp sessions will be broken down to cover all of our goals. At this age we try to emphasize different fun drills that will teach the kids important aspects of the game while playing. We invite parents to stick around to watch the hitting and catching drills so that you can practice these drills throughout the week with your child. Scrimmage is essential for learning and trying out their newly developed skill sets. The majority of camp sessions will involve scrimmage games.

Camps are once a week for one month and will be an hour long. Camps will run Monday through Thursday.  We will have morning sessions and late morning sessions to accommodate different kindergarten morning/afternoon classes.

The Coach
Camps will be lead by Josh Rose. Coach Rose runs the Strike One Youth Baseball Teams. In his 10 years of coaching youth baseball, Coach Rose knows how to build a good foundation of fundamentals and sportsmanship.



Jr Giants
Ages 4-6
Early Afternoon Camps Available