Coach Billy SChlee’s


Finally a pitching program focused on arm & body care along with propor mechanics


No Cleats, Parents are invited to stay, listen in or record!

Coach Billy Schlee is a former NCAA Division I and professional pitcher. In 2007, he led his team to finish runner-up in the Junior College World Series, making the All Tournament Team. He was recruited by multiple Division I schools around the county. At Jacksonville University in Florida, he helped his team win an NCAA Conference Championship, making the All Tournament Team, and advancing to an NCAA Regional in 2009. After pitching in the Frontier League, Coach Schlee trained and coached everything from little league to college baseball and has coached with many former professional and MLB athletes.  


“I was never the typical big athlete that you think of from a guy that throws hard. At 147 pounds I was throwing 92 MPH! In order to do this, I had to know how to use my body properly and I had to be very strong and efficient in my movements and timing throughout my mechanics.”


Coach Schlee has developed a unique pitching program that focuses on arm and body care by training and strengthening pitching specific movements through unique exercises and drills. This program is designed to train efficient body movements throughout the pitching motion, and develop maximum energy transfer throughout the entire body. This results in throwing the ball harder, more accurately, and with the greatest amount of movement. Coach Schlee’s program will help your son maximize his body’s potential and give him the tools he needs to be a successful pitcher!