Rawlings 9.5 Infield Training Glove


I highly recommend this training glove for anyone that wants to improve their defense. If you can field and catch with this glove you can field and catch with any glove! We have made it a required purchase for all my players at Orem High. – Coach Pablo

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This GG Gamer Series training glove is the same training glove used by Rawlings Professional Advisory Staff players! It’s 9 1/2″ pattern is ideal for practicing hand eye coordination and helps develop quick hands. This Training Glove now comes with Poron XRD Palm Protection which drastically reduces ball impact to your hand.

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  1. Dumpor

    What do they all have in common? The best baseball training aids enhance player performance and make training sessions easier.

    • admin

      This one doesn’t allow much room for error. You really have to focus on grounders or just even catching the ball because the glove is so small.

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