Softball Catching Clinic

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Originally from Southern California, KP grew up playing softball as a competitive catcher from age 12 to 21. She was named Rookie of the Year freshman year and First Team All-Region all 4 years in high school. KP lived up to her rookie vision by throwing out 16 of the 17 girls that stole on her during her senior year. KP went on to play Division One college softball at Utah Valley University, with UVU going on to win the WAC championship in 2014, and making an appearance in the NCAA Regionals. Since playing at UVU, KP has become the head coach of Mountain View High School’s Softball team in Orem, UT.
KP’s coaching philosophy is inspired and guided by former UCLA catcher and catching coach, Jen Schro. Schro’s coaching philosophies have developed into a highly successful catching program in Southern California. “Jen Schro Catching” regularly develops players into some of the best Division One catchers, many of who sign at Top Ranked Programs across the nation.
This successful program is based on the Core Four Philosophy:
•the FRAME
•the BLOCK
•the THROW
KP follows this philosophy in her coaching and continues to see positive results that parallel the success of Jen Schro’s players. As partners in a dream to develop talented catchers, KP and Jen Schro are excited to expand this Core Four coaching practice here in Utah!
While coaching and developing softball catchers to their greatest playing potential is vital in KP’s coaching program, at the heart of her work is a passion for developing players into their greatest potential selves. Having seen the power of personal mentorship and guidance in the lives of young adults, KP’s coaching is one based in technique AND coach-player mentorship.
In KP’s program, players will not only learn how to be a better catcher, but also how to be a leader on and off the field! Come learn and grow at KP’s Catching Clinics.
“I met Kendal almost a year ago and what stood out most was her passion to genuinely impact the lives of others.
She isn’t just a student of the game and it’s intricacies, she is a coach who wants to make a difference in growing girls’ lives.
I’m proud softball has an ambassador like her who freely shares her knowledge and love of the game with so many.” – Jen Schro