Softball Pitching Clinic

With Coach Jani Beenfield


We are beyond excited to have Coach Jani join The Strike Zone Team. Jani will be putting on softball pitching clinics each Saturday!

Jani is a qualified softball coach that pitched for 10 years growing up and has years of experience playing competitive softball. She was the varsity pitcher for Olympus High School and went on to play at UVU.

Jani loves playing but loves coaching even more. She was a pitching instructor at the U of U pitching clinics and has worked with 2 high schools. She is excited to be working with the pitchers at Mountain View High School this upcoming season.
Jani is confident in her abilities to coach beginners to experienced pitchers. Her love for pitching is contagious.
In the clinics we will be covering:
-The 4 essentials to pitching
-How to get more speed and accuracy
Jani is flexible with the the stage that the player is in. If your pitcher is more advanced Jani is more than happy to work on specific pitches with her.