Taylor Cole Baseball Camp


Here is how to do it:
Go to Taylor Cole’s Strut Academy webpage here. Sign up for one of his online training packages (as low as 19.99 a month). After check out you will be given a coupon code to save 50% off of this camp! Use the coupon code for check out here.  Call or text Coach Pablo if you have questions! 801-360-8695

This is a two day camp which will be held 12/28 & 12/29. Due to Covid-19 only camp participants are allowed in the building social distancing will be practiced and mask will be required to keep everyone safe.

Even though you might not be a pitcher, we still highly recommend this camp to learn proper throwing mechanics
Proven pitching drills to reinforce proper throwing mechanics
Warmup and conditioning routine to help reduce the risk of injury
How to grip and throw a variety of pitches
How to develop the proper pitcher’s mindset
Proven drills to become a complete defensive player
Quicker more efficient swing
Better Contact