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After you sign up you will get a coupon code to use when scheduling your cage. Members cannot schedule consecutive hours. If you are hitting and no one is hitting behind you then you can continue hitting. Members cannot schedule multiple lanes at a time. Scheduling subject to availability. Membership will automatically renew each month until cancelled. You can cancel your membership at any time. Book online, text or call for your session!

We are making adjustments to our business model to keep everyone safe. This is what we will be doing starting today:
-We will be open from 5pm-10pm by appointment only
-No more team practices until further notice
-Maximum of 3 people per cage
-Don't bring family to private lessons
-There will be a 15 minute space between appointments to avoid groups waiting.
-Instructors will pick up balls
-Bring your own helmet/bat/batting gloves
-Our bats/helmets/batting gloves will not be used
-Employees only will adjust machines
-Employees only will touch the HitTrax system
-Employees only will pick up balls
-Customers will not touch any balls!
-If you want to pitch to each other, you will need to bring your own balls.
-Pay online and sign our waiver online which you can find in the footer

Thank you for your support during this weird time!