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To get a quote simply enter in the number of practices and number of months and hit the tab key to calculate your quote! Then call or text Paul to get your team signed up! 801-360-8695

Enter the number of 90 minute practices your team will have per week (i.e. 1 – 5 per week).

Enter the number of months your team will contract to use The Strike Zone for (i.e. 1 – 12 months). The more months you select, the bigger the discount.

Price/Practice Discount Total Savings Cost/Month Avg/Practice*

50% of monthly fee is required as a non-refundable deposit to be applied to the final monthly payment. Initial deposit required to schedule practices. Scheduled practice times are not reserved until initial deposit is made. First month’s payment due prior to first scheduled practice. Call or Text 801-360-8695 when you are ready to schedule your team practices or if you have any questions.

* Teams are billed monthly, not per practice. Average price per practice is shown for example only.

The Strike Zone offers the best value and productivity for baseball and softball indoor training. Players and teams can set up flexible practice sessions for your short or long term needs.

The Strike Zone provides all the drill stations you need! We have three batting cages that can be pushed aside so that your team can open up the whole facility to practice drills or ground balls are game situations.

We have:
Mobile Pitching mounds
Tons of batting tees
Hundreds of baseballs and softballs
Two Iron Mike MP-4 Pitching Machines (softballs & baseballs 25-85 MPH)
One HitTrax Data capture and simulation system

What is HitTrax?
HitTrax™ is the first and only baseball simulator
A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.

Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field.

With HitTrax, players are further engaged and in-depth performance reports are generated.

HitTrax Training by Our Trained Staff
When your team signs up to practice at our facility we will train your coach on the HitTrax system that your team can receive the best training possible. HitTrax is the easiest way to analyze a players swing and literally show the player what he/she is doing wrong or right. Take your game to the next level faster!

Team reservations are available 7 days a week. Reserve your spot today!



  • Real-Time Statistics with Visual Feedback
  • In-Depth Reporting Module for Hitters & Pitchers
  • Remote Access to Statistics via our HitTrax StatsCenter Website
  • Player Rankings (Local and National)
  • Adaptable to All Skill Levels: Little League to Professional
  • Gaming Module & Home Run Derby Contests


  • Baseball and Softball
  • Operates off of live pitching, machines, soft toss, and batting tee
  • Play in any MLB ball park