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HitTrax, Pitching nets, baseballs, softballs, tees, Pitching mounds, retractable nets, coaches – everything you need for get your team to the next level

Team Practice

Get your baseball or softball team into The Strike Zone and gain access to our HitTrax system and three battle tunnels. Need batting, fielding or pitching instruction for your team? With a little extra we can have our coaches on hand to help you run a practice and focus on what you feel your team needs! Or if you just want to take cuts we can help set up hitting stations so that a team of 16 can be constantly swinging the bat. We have numerous tees and batting tools, baseballs and softballs to help you run your practice  smoothly. All nets pull back so that you can work on defensive drills! We also have two pitching mounds.

Winter Practice

To get the best deal on team rates we highly recommend setting up a short term monthly contract , that way we can lower the price for you. Our facilty fills up quickly in the winter and we highly recommend that if you a spot for your team , start talking to us in September to reserve your spot! We tend to give out better deals the earlier you reserve your spot!


Got questions on how we can help your team? Give Pablo a call 801-360-8695 or shoot him an email pablo@thestrike.zone

Our hittrax system

Most people think of the HitTrax system is just for hitting, but it also includes a pitching and catching module! The pitching captures speed, break, location and video. The catching module captures exhange/pop time, speed of the throw, video and if you got the runner out. 

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