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A mantra is meant to sharpen your focus and elevate your mindset. That’s the approach we took when designing the 2023 Rawlings Mantra fastpitch softball bat. Add some power, pop, and personality to your game now! The Mantra boasts brand new features to improve both comfort and power at the plate.

For starters, the Mantra features a refined version of the Mantra’s three-step barrel design. We engineered the inner barrel with hyper-precision molding for more consistent performance on every swing. In addition, the outer barrel layers feature an impact-toughened resin that creates lower compression and optimized wall thickness evenly throughout the barrel. As a result, you’ll get more power, more consistency, and maintain a smooth feel with every swing.

To improve your power and feel on mishits, the Mantra even features a new PowerSync connection joint that further reduces vibration while transferring all that energy from your swing directly into the barrel. And you can let this bat rip in practice, too — our advanced molding technique prevents telescoping and improves durability. Power hitters like Jocelyn Alo are loving the 2023 Rawlings Mantra fastpitch bat. Join them this season and own the plate in every at-bat now!


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