Coach Billy SChlee’s


Finally a pitching program focused on arm & body care along with propor mechanics

ꓘZone Bullpen Pitching Program

4 Week Bullpen Boot Camp for Pitchers: Level 1 Training 



  • RMT Club Training – Arm Strength, Joint Mobility and Joint Stability
  • TRX Training – Full Body Functional Strength Training
  • Injury Prevention & Arm Care
  • Individualized Pitching Mechanics and Drills – Rhythm and Timing
  • Increase Velocity and Command



  1. Total Body Training: this program teaches pitchers how to use every part of their body to throw a baseball. There is a strong emphasis on functional strength training, developing joint stability to safely increase joint mobility, recovering between outings, injury prevention and developing proper pitching mechanics. Pitchers will build a strong foundation and core during this program and they should be prepared to workout during lessons. 
  2. Proper routines: players develop proper warm-up, throwing, arm care, and workout routines. Pitchers will be given a workout routine to complete prior to the program and they will be responsible for maintaining their training outside of lessons.
  3. Arm strengthening/velocity/recovery: players will learn arm strengthening exercises coupled with recovery methods including proper diet. Weck Method clubs, weight balls, bands, medicine balls, and more will be used.
  4. Proper mechanics/arm-slot/rhythm/timing: each pitcher will develop their own individual rhythm, arm slot and timing of mechanics to allow them to maximize their body’s full potential. This is a very unique and personalized part of the program. Towel drills, roman chair drills, medicine ball drills, weighted ball holds/throws will be taught.
  5. Throwing Different Pitches: we cover all variations of pitches and how to throw them properly. Primary focus will be on establishing the fastball in all parts of the strike zone, and using the change-up to get hitters off balance. Secondary focus covers all variations of breaking balls and how to throw them with the same arm-slot as the fastball. More in-depth coverage of breaking balls will be covered in level II training.
  6. Pitching Specific Workouts and Drills: players will break down their mechanics into individual parts and do drills to train new neural pathways which will help to build proper muscle memory and strengthening of pitching specific movements. This is where bad habits will be broken and good habits will be formed over time.

Age/Location/Dates/Times: Two sessions will be held on each date

Age: 13u or higher (you can be 12 years old playing on a 13u team)

Location: The Strike Zone, 1742 S State St, Orem, UT 84097

Dates: January – 14, 18, 21, 25, 28; February – 1, 4, 8

Times: Tuesdays 

  • Session A: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Session B: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


  • Session A: 8:00 am – 9:30 am
  • Session B: 9:30 am – 11:00 am


Note: There is a total of 12 training hours in the program. Cancellations due to weather will be determined by me. I will reschedule for the next available day and time slot that we ALL can attend during the same week of the cancellation. If there is not a day/time we can ALL attend, the first weather make-up date will be Tuesday February 11th. If more days are needed, we will continue into the following week.


Program Advancement Expectations:

  1. Pitchers must receive a certificate of completion in the Level I Boot Camp in order to proceed to Level II Training.
  2. To receive a certificate of completion, pitchers may not miss more than two training sessions and they must attend a make-up session for the second day missed. Therefore, there is only one excused absence allowed in order to receive a certificate. Missing 20 minutes or more in a session will be considered an absence. Being 10 minutes late to three sessions will also be considered an absence. 
  3. A make-up day will be arranged for those who miss two training sessions. On top of the program cost, a fee of $55 will be assessed for each player needing to attend make-up day.
  4. Players continue to come to training if they miss three or more sessions, they just won’t receive a certificate of completion and will need to attend another Level 1 Boot Camp in order to advance.
  5. I will offer private lessons between Boot Camps at $65/hr. This will be my regular hourly rate starting January 14th, 2020. Graduates of the three series program will receive reduced rates on private lessons among other benefits.
  6. Special circumstances will be discussed and handled privately at my discretion. Along with positive reinforcement, I’ll instill a high level of accountability and seriousness about this program with the attending pitchers. Therefore, I may require proof of circumstances and extra training in order to advance pitchers to the next level.


Cost: $485 

-Maximum of 5 pitchers per session


Level II and III Training:

This is a more in-depth/fine-tuned training with additional emphasis on the following:

  • Strong emphasis will be placed on fine tuning individual mechanics, developing better breaking balls (curve-balls, sliders, etc…), pitching strategy and working counts, pitching with runners on base and the mental side of the game. More details will be announced at a later date.
  • Graduates of all three programs will receive training benefits including reduced rates on private lessons. Other benefits will be explained prior to the start of the program.   


  1. Since there are limited spots available with a high demand to enter into this program, once the program begins, I will not be refunding any of the cost of the program unless there are very special circumstances.
  2. Under special circumstances any refund will be determined at my discretion, but will not exceed half the cost of the program. I will require proof of circumstances in order to make any refund.
  3. There will be a $50 cancellation fee for anyone canceling three days before the start of the program, and a $150 cancellation fee for anyone who cancels one day before the start of the program. For clarification, you must cancel BEFORE midnight on January 10th or the $50 cancellation fee will be assessed. You must cancel BEFORE midnight on January 12th or the $150 cancellation fee will be assessed. Same day cancellations, starting at midnight on January 14th, will not receive a refund (refer to points 1 and 2 above). I must receive an email requesting to cancel. Cut off dates and times must be requested in accordance to MST/MDT here in Utah.

About Coach Billy SCHLEE

Coach Billy Schlee is a former NCAA Division I and professional pitcher. In 2007, he led his team to finish runner-up in the Junior College World Series, making the All Tournament Team. He was recruited by multiple Division I schools around the county. At Jacksonville University in Florida, he helped his team win an NCAA Conference Championship, making the All Tournament Team, and advancing to an NCAA Regional in 2009. After pitching in the Frontier League, Coach Schlee trained and coached everything from little league to college baseball and has coached with many former professional and MLB athletes.  


“I was never the typical big athlete that you think of from a guy that throws hard. At 147 pounds I was throwing 92 MPH! In order to do this, I had to know how to use my body properly and I had to be very strong and efficient in my movements and timing throughout my mechanics.”


Coach Schlee has developed a unique pitching program that focuses on arm and body care by training and strengthening pitching specific movements through unique exercises and drills. This program is designed to train efficient body movements throughout the pitching motion, and develop maximum energy transfer throughout the entire body. This results in throwing the ball harder, more accurately, and with the greatest amount of movement. Coach Schlee’s program will help your son maximize his body’s potential and give him the tools he needs to be a successful pitcher!